Are you ready to change your lifestyle but feel overwhelmed and no clue where to start?

Another blog about weight loss? Yay right?  Another fitness woman going #beastmode and hashtagging each meal and workout? Not quite. Im new to instructing and coaching. Im new to a fit life and healthy eating with daily exercise. I weighed over 280lbs in January 2016 and its July. I dropped 40lbs but only by the grace of God did I find a program that worked for me through BeachBody.  I still weigh 240, Ive got 70 more to go. (Im 6’1.) Check out my webpage and if you see anything you are interested. CONTACT ME. I have many more blogs to write to help, teach and coach. If you buy a program from me through I will be your support system. Ill answer your 3 am insomnia text! 🙂 My names Alayna Lauryn Davis and Im here to help you and we can do this journey together. 


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